What To Wear On Valentine’s Day?

You see, my sweet readers, there is something vile about Valentine’s Day that brings out the worst sentiments in retailers, political parties, even bloggers – us susceptible lot. In plain english; tacky gender cliches, insecurities about our own unique attractions and eating/drinking our feelings in unhealthy proportions. This orgy of commercialised sentimentality we know today has been a long evolved process preying on begrudging men and women who must buy and/or gussy up to please.

I won’t join the cult in the traditional sneer at how uncool Valentine’s Day has become. Neither will I ‘hallmark’ the holiday, I predict. What I will do though, is steer clear of all the condescending gender cliches marketers and magazines are peddling in its name. Lingerie outlets that seem to want to trick me into dressing like a ‘working girl’ to appease my better half or cosmetic companies who promise me I can feel 18Again, for him, of course. When pop-up ads by shopping websites seem increasingly stale and insincere, wishing bad-taste commercial items upon us, lets just try to be happy with what we have. It is a sweet association after all, of romance, love and sex. Stop bothering about the general (the trends), immerse yourself instead in the particular, the special. Love yourself.

I suppose what I’m saying, smart folk, is wear whatever you damn well please: a sexy body-con red dress or a loud printed jumpsuit that fits like a sack and baffles your boyfriend: whatever makes you feel good about yourself. Valentine’s Day may be a load of silly nonsense, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a lovely evening.

Let’s get Festive!

When it comes to Indian clothes, we all love the royal fabrics, rich colours and the intricate work, but can’t deny that they’re not the most easy of comfortable to wear for long hours.

Aaira by Isha & Nicole, have managed to solve this very dilemma by creating effortless and lightweight silhouettes with just the right amount of ethnicity.

They’re easy to wear, comfortable outfits perfect for just about anything from a friends engagement party to a Diwali puja. Here’s how we’ve styled some looks that we think would work perfectly in the day or night!


bohemia is no longer just defined by patchwork, crochet wraps and gypsy jewelry. It has in-fact been adopted by a lot of big labels as a very individualistic style and is being celebrated everywhere. While some people still cling on to the old notions of it being a complete gypsy look, you can literally evolve it around your own aesthetic preferences – like I have here. Am I wearing a fringed anything? No. Am I wearing coin jewelry? No. Am I wearing a floral headband? No. Does it look outright ‘Bohemian’? I really hope NOT! I don’t really see myself as a completely bohemian person either – I like to earn my money, go on nice vacations. (Backpacking is only good the first time you try it). I am in a creative field but I don’t feed off of my pain to create art. Too serious? Lets just get to the outfit then.

Layering. Now THAT is something I’m a fan of. And the weather is only going to get better for it! I put together this total ONLY look with just a hint of ‘Bohemian’ but kept it true to my style of layering and something that I would actually wear. Let me know what you think of it and whether you consider it to be ‘Bohemian’.