bohemia is no longer just defined by patchwork, crochet wraps and gypsy jewelry. It has in-fact been adopted by a lot of big labels as a very individualistic style and is being celebrated everywhere. While some people still cling on to the old notions of it being a complete gypsy look, you can literally evolve it around your own aesthetic preferences – like I have here. Am I wearing a fringed anything? No. Am I wearing coin jewelry? No. Am I wearing a floral headband? No. Does it look outright ‘Bohemian’? I really hope NOT! I don’t really see myself as a completely bohemian person either – I like to earn my money, go on nice vacations. (Backpacking is only good the first time you try it). I am in a creative field but I don’t feed off of my pain to create art. Too serious? Lets just get to the outfit then.

Layering. Now THAT is something I’m a fan of. And the weather is only going to get better for it! I put together this total ONLY look with just a hint of ‘Bohemian’ but kept it true to my style of layering and something that I would actually wear. Let me know what you think of it and whether you consider it to be ‘Bohemian’.

by moon

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